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Aging happens to everyone, but you can slow the process and rejuvenate your look with aesthetic treatments. At Gemini OBGYN, the women of Pembroke Pines and Weston, Florida, can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and skin laxity with its aesthetic treatments, such as BOTOX® and JUVÉDERM®. Call the office to learn how you can use these minimally invasive treatments to maximize your beauty.

Aesthetics Q & A

What are injectable aesthetic treatments?

Injectable aesthetic treatments include dermal fillers and products with botulinum toxin, the most common of which is BOTOX.

Dermal fillers include JUVÉDERM and Restylane®. These products contain hyaluronic acid, a natural compound, which helps the skin restore its strength and resilience. Your stores of hyaluronic acid diminish as you age, resulting in lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Dermal fillers restore hyaluronic acid to lift and plump your skin so you look fresher and younger.

Over time, repetitive smiling and frowning can cause wrinkles. BOTOX and Dysport® relax the muscles that are the source of these wrinkles. They contain a purified toxin that halts nerve impulses to the treated muscles. When injected into your face, the toxin stops the wrinkles from forming.

KYBELLA® is another injectable treatment that works a little differently than wrinkle reducers and dermal fillers. It destroys fat cells under your chin to shrink a double chin and improve your profile.

What areas can be treated?

Dermal fillers are extremely effective for many aesthetic applications, including:

  • Plumping the cheeks and lips
  • Softening lines and creases in the face
  • Reducing the appearance of lines under and around the eyes

BOTOX and Dysport effectively soften wrinkles around the eyes known as crow’s feet as well as lines on the forehead.

Do injectable aesthetic treatments hurt?

Most people tolerate injectable treatments quite well. Because a needle is involved, you will feel a slight pinch, and perhaps some burning as the product enters your skin. However, the treatment is quick and the needles used are very fine. If you have concerns about sensitivity, you may ask the Gemini OBGYN staff to apply ice or a numbing cream to minimize your discomfort.

How long do injectable aesthetic treatments last?

The length of time the positive results of your injectable treatment will last depends on the type of treatment, where it’s been applied, and your personal metabolism. The wrinkle-reducing effects of BOTOX and Dysport typically last from three to four months. Dermal filler results persist anywhere from six to 18 months. KYBELLA permanently destroys fat cells.

To learn more about how aesthetic treatments can rejuvenate your look and improve your self-confidence, call Gemini OBGYN or book an appointment online.

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