High Risk Pregnancy

High Risk Pregnancy Specialist
High-risk pregnancies require special care and attention to assure a safe and normal birth. The medical professionals at Gemini OBGYN in Pembroke Pines and Weston, Florida, are your partners along the way. Contact either Gemini OBGYN office to set up an individual plan for your pregnancy.

High Risk Pregnancy Q & A

What factors establish a pregnancy as high risk?

High-risk pregnancies may result from a medical condition of either mother or baby. In other cases, a pregnancy is deemed high risk based on maternal factors that may or may not cause difficulties as the pregnancy progresses. Some of these high-risk factors include:

  •         Maternal age: typically, women over 35 have higher statistical risk of pregnancy issues
  •         Medical history: previous C-sections, low-weight or preterm births, family genetic history, or history of miscarriage
  •         Medical conditions: mental health concerns or chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, epilepsy, or anemia
  •         Pregnancy complications: too much or too little amniotic fluid, Rh sensitization of the blood, problems with the cervix, uterus, or placenta
  •         Multiple pregnancies: two or more fetuses
  •         Lifestyle issues: cigarette, alcohol, or other drug use

I’m not pregnant, but I’m trying. Are there things I can do now to reduce risks?

If you already fit a high-risk profile or if you want to do what you can to promote a healthy pregnancy, there are many things you can do before a pregnancy to reduce associated risks.

Make an appointment with Gemini OBGYN to speak with a doctor prior to conception. A preconception physical can pinpoint any medical concerns, or simply help you strategize a pregnancy from its earliest stages. You can discuss factors that may smooth the pregnancy ride, such as achieving a healthy weight, or starting prenatal vitamins with folic acid, and other preventive actions. The doctor will let you know if treatment of your existing medical conditions needs any adjustment during pregnancy.

I’m pregnant already. How can I encourage a safer pregnancy?

Regular prenatal checkups are key to monitoring any pregnancy, but particularly important if there are high-risk indicators. If you’re high risk, your prenatal care may include extra testing, such as targeted ultrasounds and amniocentesis, among others. Watch your diet, keeping it full of essential nutrients, and be sensible about weight gain during pregnancy. Stay away from tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drugs, and review any prescription or over-the-counter medication with your Gemini OBGYN care provider before you start taking it.  

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